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Celtic Oracle Card Reading

     Oracle methods have been used for centuries for both solving problems and divination purposes.  In the past people have used practices anywhere from throwing snake bones off a drum and interpreting their placement of landing to staring into tea leaves in a cup and seeing what images came to mind.  


     In the Celtic traditions, it is believed that Ogham letters (*Ogham is an ancient tree alphabet used mostly in ancient Ireland and Britain that consists of carved linear strokes similar to the runes of the Germanic/Nordic tradition) were carved into yew wood sticks and then thrown on the ground or pulled out of a bag for readings.  Other methods included standing in between doorways or watching the flight patterns of birds. 


     Regardless of the methods used, the principle of synchronicity is at play when doing a reading.  By choosing a card with a certain symbolic representation on it, we are able to discern which force of nature is having an effect on our specific situation.  The reader then must use his intuition and decipher the meaning of the symbol as applied to the question at hand.  The goal of these readings are to help the seeker better understand a situation so they may be able to make a decision or create a change within themselves to achieve their desired results.  


     *Scott uses several Celtic oracle card decks to do readings and customizes his approach to one or more deck-styles per reading based on a client's energy and resonance. During readings, Scott will connect with a Celtic spirit guide and is able to share wisdom through this connection.* 


     These readings are done virtually over Zoom and a link would be sent to you, prior to your reading. 


     Rates are: 20 min/$30. 


     If you are interested in receiving this spiritual guidance, please contact us at:

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