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Qigong / Neigong

    Qigong translates to 'Energy Work' and is a root term for what used to be called Neigong.  Neigong means "Inner Work".  In fact Taijiquan is a form of Qigong/Neigong combined with Martial arts.  It is said that in the beginning we practice Qigong by absorbing energy from the world around us including the Sun, Trees, Earth, Lakes and more.  Then as we advance we go more internally and see ourself as the universe.  We keep our minds within our bodies strengthening everything within and trying not to leak through our 5 senses.  Then we eventually come to the point where everything is mind or spirit.  That is when we begin Shengong.  Few people are said to have this level of knowledge.


    Qigong and Neigong is used by millions of people around the world as a form of health enhancement and spiritual awakening.  There are hundreds of styles of Qigong and Neigong that each focus on a little different aspect of your mind. It's important that you practice a style that has the end result that you are looking to attain. 

     Most types of Qigong or Neigong involve a slow movement that is coordinated with the breath, and sometimes a visualization.  The movements can be done standing or seated.  There are other types of Qigong that can be done more quickly but this is typically done for martial arts.  Here at Taoist Celt, we emphasize health and spiritual awakening and our methods are traditional in nature and are based on living lineages.  The lineage is important because it means that the methods are time tested for safety, and it is clearly understood that they are effective. 

     Scott teaches Wudang Longmen Pai Primordial School Qigong and Neigong as well as classical Medical Qigong from various teachers. 


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