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SALE!Taoist Primordial Tai Chi 13 Methods + Bonus


This program is designed for both the beginner and the intermediate student interested in Taoist Primordial Tai Chi. This unique and ancient form of Tai Chi was taught secretly for 2000+ years within the Zhang family according to oral tradition. This course is where it all begins in learning Primordial Methods originating in Sichuan Province of China and covers Primordial Spontaneous Qigong, Opening the Lower and middle Dantien, Opening Laogong Qigong, the Primordial Taiji Moving Mudra, Fire Dragon breathing, the 8 fundamental forces of Tai Chi, stepping, alignments, spontaneous Tai Chi, and a few other surprises... The course contains over 27 video lessons filmed in HD ranging from 13 mins - 36 mins per lesson. It was originally designed to be learned over the course of 6+ months with one lesson per week but you will have immediate access to the program. Online Certification is possible by demonstrating the movements on video and a zoom session. Contact us for more details. *Bonus~Pyramid Meditation Program* This is a special Taoist/Tibetan Buddhist Meditation practice which focuses on increasing energy, purging out toxins, and awakening the 3 dantiens. It includes 1 hour of instruction and a 45 min. guided meditation)

You can also join this program via the mobile app.




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