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Pyramid Meditation


This meditation is both a Daoist and Tibetan Buddhist form of energy cultivation which gathers universal energy into the body using the sacred geometry of the Pyramid. The practice is said to purify the body, awaken the 3 energy dantiens of the body, and to awaken the 3rd eye. The meditation is done using a special two handed mudra and using visualizations. The practice can be done in the morning to wake you up and also in the evening to help you relax and fall asleep. It can also be done before and after any other internal art practice such as Tai Chi and Qigong to enhance the art's effects. The practice can be done sitting, or standing, and even laying down. This meditation is easy enough to be learned by a beginner, and is a great addition to all those seeking spiritual awakening. The video length is 1hr 45 mins total. (1hr instruction, and a 45 minute guided meditation)

You can also join this program via the mobile app.





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